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Here you will find memorable "firsts":

  • first QSO ever: 2012-09-26, with PH3DZD (Pieter from Weidum, the Netherlands), via PI3HVN, using THF7E
  • first /M QSO: 2012-09-27, with PC1MB (Marcel), via PI3HVN, using TH-F7E and cheap magmount on car roof
  • first /M QSO from my motorbike: 2012-10-07, among others with PA7D (Douwe from Cornjum) via PI3HVN, using TH-F7E
  • My first received QSL card (thanks PD3AT!):


  • First station from another continent, also first HF QSO: 7T50I from Algeria (African continent) on 2012-11-02
  • First HF digimode QSO: 2012-11-13
  • First satellite contact: with PA3GIJ via QO-100 in the shack of PA3FXB. Now I want my own QO-100 setup. ;)
  • Longest distance worked on 2m: 519km's to 2E0WRY in the UK on 2013-07-08 with just a vertical X50N at 14m ASL
  • Longest distance worked all bands: 18538 km to ZL3HAM in New Zealand in JT65 on 20m on 2013-06-22: