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thieking ps30sw2

To power everything I use a Thieking PS35SW II 35A switched power supply. It has a 9-15V range, but can be fixed to 13.8V with a switch. It can display voltage or current on a nice backlit meter. Besides the banana/screw-on connectors at the back (which can supply full current) it also has a cigarette-type connector (max 10A) and a pair of bare-wire connectors (max 3A) on the front.


Only draw-back: the fan is running constantly because it is not temperature controlled. I might insert a temperarture controlled resistor in the fan powerlines at some time in the future. ;)


To measure the SWR on both HF and VHF/UHF I use the Sommerkamp SK-M614 SWR/Power meter. It has a cross-meter, so reads both output power and reflected power in one view.And it has all switches on the front panel, which is more convenient than having to switch between both frequency ranges on the back.


Frequency Range: 1.8-525 MHz
Power Scale: 2/20/200 W
Connectors : PL for 1.8-200 MHz, N for 125-525 MHz

slusb To hook up my IC7000 to my computer for digimodes, I use the SignaLink USB. Connected to the 6-pin Data port of my IC7000 it works like a charm! And, I keep my onboard soundcard free to listen to system sounds and music. ;)