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robert 2014bMy name is Robert Elsinga, born in 1967, licensed Harec/CEPT Full in september 2012. This was long overdue, since I already had an interrest in HAM radio when I was 20 or so. But then I was a student without much money, was drafted and served in the dutch army (as a computer programmer in a civilian part of the army, luckily), got a girlfriend (which now is my ex-wife) and a job, got married, wanted to save money to buy a house, got some kids... Sounds familiar, huh? But now at last I got my license and a HAM radio station. =8-)

My main interests are all things about communications (HAM radio, scanner listening, creating video films and VOIP/POTS telephony to name a few), GPS, Scouting (as in boy scouts), reading, Internet/computers and building websites. I am single and have two kids, Femke and Sander. You can read more about the family and my other hobbies on the family website: www.elsinga.net.

I live in a small town called Sintjohannesga, in the municipality of de Friese Meren, province Friesland, which is in the north of the Netherlands (see picture on the right, or check the hilarious official promo video below!). Sintjohannesga is located about 90 kilometers (56 miles) north-east of Amsterdam (the capital of the Netherlands) and 6 kilometers (4 miles) west of Heerenveen (known for the Thialf speedskating arena)..

Besides being a HAM I am also a scout leader at the van Maasdijk Groep in Heerenveen. So it is no surprise that the JOTA is also a part of this site. ;)

If you want to know more, you will have to catch me on air sometimes, feel free to ask anything you like. I may even answer the questions. =8-)





Another nice promovideo, for our neighbouring municipality Zuidwest-Fryslân:



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